Sunday, 10 July 2011

Australian Stonehenge - Close to completion........

JILLIAN and Kim Beale’s construction of what is thought to be the world’s only life-size replica of the ancient Stonehenge ruins on their 1,066 acre Merivale Road property has taken another step forward with the addition of a new outer circle.

The Esperance couple took on the challenge of what they have called StoneHengeEsperance after the stones, which were originally cut for a similar project which was planned for Margaret River, became available when that project fell through.

Until three weeks ago, the build had included ten horseshoe stones – the highest being 7.7 metres and weighing anywhere from 38-55 tonnes – set with an 18 tonne lintel on top of each pair.

Following a brief construction lapse, the Beales have now erected an outer circle of 19 trilithon stones, surrounded by a circle of 30 sarsen stones weighing 28 tonnes.
“We have already had the most fantastic response from visitors,” Jillian Beale said

Stonehenge (UK) Tour Guide

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